10 Rap Artists For The Black Liberation Movement – Vibe

These legendary artists’ music and actions have inspired and fully aligned with the movement.
By Preezy Brown
Hip-Hop Reporter
Hip-Hop is a culture that benefits the masses but was born out of the struggle. Many of its forefathers were not only attempting to entertain with their talents but were looking to express thoughts on the circumstances affecting them and their communities. These plights and our determination to right those wrongs have been an overarching theme for some of the greatest music we’ve ever heard and lit a fire within us, one bar at a time.
The liberation movement preceded Hip-Hop but has informed and influenced the culture in its entirety, with a countless number of artists promoting pride, self-love, and determination in their music. Encouraging us to fight back against the powers that be and align our actions with our words, these figures have played an integral role in Black history and the progression of our people in their own right.
VIBE highlights 10 rap artists whose music and actions have aligned with the Black liberation movement throughout their careers and Hip-Hop history.
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