5 Bubbling Rap Artists In The U.S. You Need To Listen To This Year – Respect My Region

New music and new artists are coming out everywhere in hip-hop.  While everybody is indulging in their faves, they can lose sight of the new rap artists they may really enjoy.  So while you’re waiting for Kendrick Lamar to come back to rap, Lil Uzi Vert to finish the “Pink Tape,” or whoever your favorite artist is; step out of your comfort zone. 
Here are five rap artists to help you get started opening your ears to what you’ve been missing out on. These are definitely some names you’ll want to remember by the end of 2022.
From heartfelt songs of storytelling and confession like “Thanksgiving” to cocky anthems such as “Watch Your Self,” Armani White blows fans away time after time.  He shows off his versatility through a combination of some singing and rapping his songs.  The 22-year-old rapper is stems from Philadelphia.  His most recent release is his 2021 EP, “Things We Lost in The Fire”.  He sets himself apart from other rappers and you need to stop leaving out of the conversation.
With a high tempo and clever bars, DC The Don is always an energetic vibe.  Some of his biggest hits are “WORST DAY :(” and “PSA.”  The 22-year-old rapper derives from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he started writing raps at the young age of eight years old.  DC The Don is determined to be one of the best in the game and with the release of his latest album, “My Own Worst Enemy,” he reminds his fans that he is one of the hottest out right now.
Chicago native, Femdot is killing 90s New York style boom-bap beats with brilliant bars.  He gives a look into his life with songs like “Happy Break up Song” and “94 Camry Music.” His latest release is his album, “Not For Sale.”  The 22-year-old artist keeps his foot on rappers’ necks with smooth flows and talented lyricism.
Coming from New York City with a sound very different from most rappers is Akenyemi.  The New York native loves to share his opinions and get his points across in his music.  From political conscious songs like “GLACIERS” which reminds everybody of the effects of pollution to songs like ‘BREATH” where he shares the importance of breathing and meditation, he always loves to teach his listeners.  Akinyemi dropped his album, “REBORN” in 2021.  He is fresh on the scene and will be one for hip-hop fans to watch as his sound grows.
At the age of 21 years old from Compton, California, Kill Jasper is a rapper that you can’t miss out on.  Kill Jasper is making his presence known in hip-hop with bangers like “Pretend” and “Save Me”.  The young artist released his latest single, “Fuck Love,” earlier this year and has been enjoying its success.  Kill Jasper shares his story through his bars and shows why he isn’t an artist that will stand to be overlooked.

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