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As we start off the year, the best rap song of 2022 may already have dropped. The most exciting new rap artists are putting out relatable rhymes, plus clever stylistic and sampling choices, that make for perfect social media shares.
They’re forging their own paths as unique rap artists in a crowded field – whilst working with the best producers, or making their own beats. That’s how rappers become famous.
We’ve gathered a selection of six new rap artists on the rise in 2022 for you to investigate. If you scroll through and are still hungry to discover more rising rappers, check out Alewya and Denise Chaila, who graced our top songs of 2021 list.

Mysterious lo-fi rapper John Glacier released her debut mixtape Shiloh: Lost for Words in July 2021 to critical acclaim. Glacier got started making hip-hop beats on GarageBand, and still has the same bedroom-rapper feel in her bars.

Inspired by 90s music, Willow Kayne blends rap and pop whilst blazing out a punk attitude. Initially discovered on SoundCloud, all eyes are on Kayne’s debut EP Playground Antics, due out on February 1st.

Stealing hearts with his swaggering lines, 19-year-old ArrDee had a crazy-rapid rise on social media that in 2022 will continue to spread into the mainstream.

Barkaa delivers rapid-fire rhymes that honour her Aboriginal heritage. The words hit hard, and the dark, rising instrumentals are energising. Keep your eyes and ears on her in 2022.

ENNY’s “Peng Black Girls” went massively viral during lockdown. She’ll keep building on the success of 2021 album Under Twenty Five, continuing to build catchy melodies with lyrics spiked with political statements and empowerment.

Remble makes clever linguistic choices and scatters his bars with humour. His legions of fans and unmistakable, unique tone mean he’s destined for huge things in 2022.
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