Jammer Connects With Slew Dem's Pit For New 'Monumental' EP – Complex

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Building on a massive year that’s seen him cement grime’s place in the history books with Risky Roadz’s Museum of London exhibition and wrap up his Top Producer series, Jammer celebrated his birthday this weekend with the release of his new EP, Monumental, which heavily features grime legend Pit of Slew Dem.
For the most part, Jammer sticks to mic duties, leaving production up to Neron Power, Wilfy D, Matty D, and IzaMik, with the exception of “Murky”, which he co-produces. Pit appears alongside Jammer across much of the tape, save for “Currency”, which sees Jam connect with Jazzie Martian, and “ACP”, which is a solo Pit joint.
Following swiftly on from the new EP, Jammer also released visuals for the title track. Gritty, but slickly executed, Jammer, Pit and Max Effects direct the visuals for this one, set around a shady underworld deal with a familiar face to fans of Top Boy and classic UK hip-hop. 
For those who were tapped into Slew Dem from the very start, seeing Pit back and firing on all cylinders will be a real treat. With any luck, this won’t be the last we’ll hear from a legend who’s given us some of grime’s most infamous moments.
Peep the “Monumental” visuals above and stream the project in full below. 

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