Land Of Rap 2022 – March – God Is In The TV

A few words on Jamal…
Personally, I don’t think UK music looks the same without Jamal’s influence on it. The Daves, the Nines, the Lady Leshurrs have all appeared at some point, generally at the beginnings of their careers, on SBTV. SBTV was a gateway for many of us into what was happening in UK hip-hop, grime and associated genres. One man and his camera on a mission to capture MCs around his way turned into one of the most recognised and most influential platforms in the country. Many others have followed the patterns he set out for their platforms in one way or another (a guilty hand raised here). That in itself speaks volumes of the impact and influence he has had.Besides that though, from all accounts and recollections from people who had connections with Jamal, he’s been painted as someone utterly selfless and ready to help anyone in any situation where he could. I think that is clear throughout his work, that he genuinely just wanted to help people. And I believe that we need more of that not just in the music industry, but in everyday life. Good intentions mould good hearts. Rest in peace Jamal Edwards MBE.
Onto the music…
I’m absolutely convinced Niques is going to be massive. Her charisma as a performer, just through the short bits of social media I’ve seen is enough to win me over. On her latest release ‘Matrix’ she dives into her mental state throughout verse one, following it with a second sharing her thoughts on the COVID pandemic and how it is shaping our world. As her cadence rises and falls over the course of this track it leads into a beautifully sung hook each time. SHe can really do it all and I’m looking forward to what comes next, especially after being backed by BBC Horizons Launchpad scheme.

City On My Back’ is a great introduction into what fresh face Kayz is all about. The Cardiff youngster dropped the track alongside visuals from Silk Crayon recently with Lab7 supporting also. He’s nailed the current sound very well and I think he has potential in abundance. Looking forward to hearing more from him soon!

Charlie J’s run up to his next project has begun with tracks ‘Swiftly’ and ‘Real‘ featuring fellow Welsh rapper Ogun. ‘A Moment’s Notice’ is scheduled to drop March 31st and these two tracks are indicators that the KwanLi produced EP is going to be a smooth and soulful offering. Catch the album launch party at The Moon, Cardiff if you can April 5th with support from Charlie’s Bard Picasso labelmates.

Other releases this month include Stretch The Topboy’s debut project ‘Don’t Shuffle This’, Brighty’s first 2022 single in the form of ‘Memories’ produced by Wolfgang Von Vanderghast and Mr. Phormula linking with Lord Willin across the pond for ‘Roads’.
As always you can find a monthly roundup of music from welsh hip-hop and grime artists over at Larynx Entertainment’s Spotify. 

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