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I’d stated on a recent recording of my radio show for Larynx Entertainment ‘Larynx Lowdown’ that I think we are currently going through a golden age of music in Wales, not just in rap where my bias is. Solely looking at where my heart truly lies though, I believe it’d be difficult to argue against that statement (that isn’t an invitation to try either, sorry.)
Juice Menace’s latest string of releases, culminating in the ‘Clean Slate’ EP, has been a change of pace from the no punches pulled attitude of the Cardiff rapper. Reflecting on her personal journey throughout the opener ‘Can’t Complain’, it’s a more sombre tone that carries over into the solemn ‘Me vs Me’ that documents her struggles at times with said journey. Juice also reaches a relationship breaking point in ‘Wake Up Call’ that’s followed by the apologetic, regretful ‘VOID’. Throw the elements of this EP and her previous ‘029’ together for a full length and it’s a guaranteed winner.

4Dee and Joe Blow’s creation of Veteran Records stands as a continuation of their Undecorated
Veteranz days alongside the great Stagga. 4Dee’s ‘Frequencies’ is one of the first albums released under that umbrella, with features from equally experienced MCs such as Emarvellous, the aforementioned Joe Blow and cuts from a true godfather of welsh rap, DJ Jaffa. Flat out hip-hop for the hip-hop heads this one, fleshed out with the rhymes, the breaks, the samples, it’s all here.

Smxk3 has put out one of my favourite tracks of the year, period. The Pomp produced ‘What’s Up’ has been on constant rotation since its release boasting a superb hook with impeccably flowed and structured verses. That track now sits as part of an EP of the same name where the quality is upheld. Smxk3 has a delivery that comes across a lot softer and more melodic than most grime MCs in the country, but with the subject matter contained within this project it works brilliantly. Really rate this one.

Outside of the projects, Danny Ed continues to stack his catalogue of catchy bangers with the release of ‘Street Lights’. Melody is clearly a strong suit for the youngster having created music that is so easily hummed for days after listening. I’m eagerly awaiting a live performance from him.

Another young artist who is becoming someone to take note of is Truth. We’ve been getting weekly freestyles on social media for a minute now and with the release of his latest track ‘Sweet Tooth’ I hope we’ll start to see a consistent stream of tracks uploaded too. Like ManLikeVision who he is often seen with, Truth at such a young age has clearly studied and mastered his craft, spitting as effortlessly as someone twice his age. Definitely keep your eyes peeled for more.

There’s plenty more to tap into too; Sage Todz, Niques, Benzy, Kinnigan and loads more have all had releases that contribute to my above statement. If you want to tap into those you can listen to what July had to offer from the world of welsh rap here:

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