Low End Activist, Emz Go Hard With 'Get Get' – Clash Magazine

Low End Activist pairs with Bristol rapper Emz on new track ‘Get Get’.
Out now on the ever-essential Sneaker Social Club, ‘Get Get’ leads into a full artist album from the producer.
Out on June 14th, ‘Hostile Utopia’ is the largest project we’ve yet heard from Low End Activist, a sonic engineer whose astute manipulation of UK system culture is riddled with revelatory aspects.
‘Get Get’ is no exception to this. Aesthetically, it feels one of those lost London walls, smothered in layers and layers of graffiti – tags are lost, and then re-appear, the past and present fused together.
The harsh, almost degraded sonics mirror this, the influence of grime seeping through, but taken somewhere else.
In spirit, it’s reminiscent of Logos and Mumdance, and the sonic manipulations they embarked on during those pivotal early Boxed sessions.
There’s nothing nostalgic here, though, and head-spanning bars from Bristol’s own Emz go hard from the off, spinning an entrepreneurial tale from those who need to scheme to survive.
A fantastic entrance point into the new album, ‘Get Get’ is a thrill for anyone who wants to hear a talented MC spit over a future-facing beat – think Novelist and Mumdance on ‘Take Time’, or even the often-overlooked Last Japan driven AJ Tracey cut ‘Ascend’.
Tune in now.

Low End Activist will release ‘Hostile Utopia’ on June 14th.
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