Morrissey’s back (again) – the former Smiths frontman announces UK tour and upcoming album – Evening Standard

The tour will include two nights in London
et ready to relive the 80s: former Smiths frontman Morrissey has just shared details for a full UK tour.
Writing on Instagram, the star shared the news, writing that: “Full details will appear next week of Morrissey’s ten upcoming concerts in Eire and the UK. The dates are fixed for September and October.
“No rules / regulations / restrictions will be in place for these concerts – everyone is welcome.”
Along with his previously announced concert in Ireland, Morrissey will be heading to Blackpool, Doncaster, Glasgow, Stockton, Manchester, Birmingham, London and Brighton.
The last time Morrissey played a UK show was in March 2020 at London’s SSE Arena.
The man dubbed “pop’s problematic uncle” by NME has a lot on his plate: in addition to the tour, he will also be playing a short residency in Las Vegas between July 1 and 9.
Titled Viva Moz Vegas, the show will see the debut of songs from Morrissey’s long-awaited fourteenth solo album – though Morrissey has allegedly already debuted upcoming single I Am Veronica at a recent gig in Phoenix.
According to NME, the song began with the lyrics: “I am Veronica, and the game, the game I play is older than America / There’s a tiny spot allocated each of us, so why should each day be exactly the same?”
Titled Bonfire of Teenagers, the album was announced last year after Morrissey left his former label BMG. However, despite being recorded in January 2021, it has not yet been published – despite Morrissey saying last May that it would be “sold to the highest bidder”.
No details of a label or release date have yet been given.
It has been 35 years since the band that propelled Morrissey to stardom, The Smiths, split. Touted as one of the biggest British acts of the 80s, they split in 1987 due to tension between Morrissey and bandmate Johnny Marr.
Earlier this year, Morrissey reignited their long-running feud, writing an open letter to Marr accusing him of “using my name for clickbait”.
In the lengthy note, Morrissey also asked Marr to stop “blaming” him for the band’s split.
“We haven’t known each other for 35 years – which is many lifetimes ago,” he wrote. “When we met you and I were not successful. We both helped each other become whatever it is we are today. Can you not just leave it at that?”
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