Papoose Links With Ed Sheeran & Big Narstie To Film Music Video In London – AllHipHop

While Ed Sheeran has collaborated numerous times with the veteran grime rapper, this is the first time either has worked with Papoose.
Papoose took the hood in North London to film a new video with some unlikely collaborators from the U.K., Ed Sheeran, and grime scene veteran Big Narstie. 

The trio took to the streets of Edmonton for the shoot of the upcoming single. Papoose revealed the song is called Groundwork but did not confirm the release date. He announced the track on Instagram with some words of high praise for his collaborators. 
“Live from the UK 🇬🇧 Shot an amazing video today. With my two brothers! These guys are the biggest artist in the world,” Papoose penned. “@teddysphotos AkA Ed Sheeran & @bignarstie The UK Giant!! It’s called #groundwork Hope y’all ready!! #blessed 🤲🏾” 
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It’s not every day you get to see a music video filmed on your block and a huge crowd gathered as people clamored to see Papoose rap alongside Big Narstie with Ed Sheeran singing the hooks.  
However, it’s unclear where the new song will land or if Papoose has an album on the way. He may want to take a break from creating full-length projects after dropping one album a month last year, something he discussed last month with  
Meanwhile, while Papoose’s collaboration with Ed Sheeran and Big Narstie may appear to have come out of nowhere, the two Brits have been close friends for over a decade. Ed is godfather to one of Narstie’s children, and the pair are frequent collaborators. The singer was the first guest on “The Big Narstie Show” when it launched in June 2018.

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