Squintz Injects A Bassline Bounce Into His Grime Sound On “Bread” – Complex

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As the ‘is grime dead?’ debate continues to rage online, it’s worth remembering there’s a loose group of tireless MCs, DJs and producers operating in various pockets up and down the country, and their hard work flies in the face of any accusation that grime is flatlining.
Alongside close creative allies in Duppy, Renz and the rest of Mob Set is Squintz, who has been responsible for some of the genre’s most valuable contributions recently (Nuen Ain’t Gang should be your next port of call). The young MC’s latest, “Bread”, sees him connect with producer Snxpz, who takes grime and splashes it with touches of Northern bassline, finding a sweet spot between London crud and that 4×4 bounce.
Speaking more specifically on grime’s status, Squintz told Complex via email: “There’s too many MCs making the music for it to be ‘dead’. Large up Renz, Duppy, Cadell, and co. We’re all doing big things whether people agree or not. If we say it’s big, then it’s BIG! As some of the mandem were saying on Twitter Spaces: ‘dead’ would mean that it can’t come back. They act like they can’t see what’s happening! Grime is the foundation. End of story. We shouldn’t entertain that question anymore, because we know it’s not dead. Mob Set on the rise!”
Peep the visuals for “Bread” above and be sure to add the song to your playlists.

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