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DESIblitz caught up with drill artist Supriya to talk about her musical influences and latest single ‘No Lie’.
“It represents my power and drive in the industry”
Drill artist Supriya is taking over the music scene with her latest urban track ‘No Lie’.
The single comes off the back of her previous anthems ‘One Time’ and ‘Lemme Know’.
The talented artist, who is only 18-years-old, hails from Fiji but is currently based in West London.
Fusing both cultures, Supriya’s trendsetting sound incorporates her South Asian roots, western upbringing and diverse influences.
Her ambition, proactive attitude and unscathed work ethic have shaped her into an exciting drill artist and rapper.
Since its release on January 15, 2022, the one-take music video for ‘No Lie’ has received thousands of views and hundreds of comments on YouTube.
DESIblitz spoke exclusively to the rapper, exploring her influences, artistic insights and of course, the single ‘No Lie’.
Supriya on Trap Scene, ‘No Lie’ & Grime Music - 2
At only 18 years old, I am an urban artist bringing all the hype and baddie vibes with melodic vocals and hardest bars, delivering timeless hits worldwide to empower everyone and get everyone lit too.
From performing at Wembley Arena with X Factor finalists on tour when I was 15 to seeing my face and music on billboards, working with C Biz, songwriters of Mabel and stacking mad views on my music videos across the internet of my music, we keep on elevating.
My versatility definitely originates from me being from Fiji Island.
Being known as an island girl is always a flex which I combine with my hood vibes being in West London.
The empowerment that I deliver with my tracks and because I can deliver mad vocals and hardest bars and turn it into a hit which is hard to find in other artists and is rare.
I always have lots of experiences and moods that I use my music to reflect on.
I either already have the beat which I adapt to and turn into a hit or create chords from scratch as I play the piano which I take to producers to make it sound even more lit.
Catching a vibe in the studio with the rest of the team and pushing out the best sound is what we do!
Supriya on Trap Scene, ‘No Lie’ & Grime Music - 1
‘No Lie’ represents my transition and expansion into drill and that I am definitely not the artist to be slept on!
It represents my power and drive in the industry and in what I do and in my journey so far.
The one-take music video helps people to resonate with me as an artist and to see what I am actually like when we strip back all the extras and lighting, allowing people to connect with the authenticity of the music more.
The dynamic vocals to the hardest bars in the track show people the levels we are on and this is only the beginning.
My sold-out headline show at East London LA Lounge which C Biz and the team came out to watch me who I now work with.
The energy I get from lit crowds is what makes every show special.
I also loved performing at Wembley Arena when I was 15 and recently performing at Bradford for G Bugz headline show with JJ Esko and PakMan.
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I would most like to collaborate with Stefflon Don – I love her empowerment on her singles and her style.
I would also love to collab with Drake due to his vocals and rap which relates to my abilities as well as his work rate.
To take more notice of the best female drill artists out there like myself but we are about to change that all and are already changing the scene.
Supriya on Trap Scene, ‘No Lie’ & Grime Music - 4
To keep elevating doing madness in the music industry, expand internationally, even more, give people all around the world opportunities, dropping an exclusive project this year, could be a tour on the way…
If you all want it, make sure you follow me on all my socials to keep up to date with the lit vibes @_supriyaofficial_
With thousands of followers on Instagram, there’s no surprise to how pivotal Supriya will be to the music scene.
Her passion to deliver for her fans but also carry on evolving as an artist is mesmerising.
She has already solidified her position as an emerging artist.
Her mixture of cultures, the inclusion of other artists and experimenting with genres brings a breath of fresh air.
With immense praise from the likes of BBC Asian Network and BritAsia, the artist is continuing her meteoric rise.
Listen to ‘No Lie’ and Supriya’s other projects here.

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