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This article originally appeared on Noisey UK.
Alright, yes we get it, 2015 was the year grime conquered the globe/the charts/ your da's limited awareness of popular culture. Even the Yanks have been fascinated with the tracks that've come out in the last twelve months. Although they still claim "they can't understand what they're rapping about"—yeah mate, tell us again about that Future record.
But America is not the reason grime's had a massive one this year. What's really made it great is the swell of pure creativity that's run through its bedrock, washing up new artists, resurfacing old ones, and churning out banger, after banger, after banger.
We've been there through it all: premiering some of the year's best videos and hosting performances in our London office. So we guess this makes us well placed to say that while some tracks this year were merely really great, others were pure unadulterated fire. If only someone was here to put these tracks in order of how many 100 emojis they deserve. Oh wait, that’s what we’re literally about to do. Show this list to all your mates who think grime in 2015 is just the same two songs on repeat.
Spitting over the instrumental of the year, produced by Ruff Sqwad legend Prince Rapid, Chip addressed his issues with Tinie Tempah, Bugzy Malone and Big Narstie, as well as sending shots Devilman’s way, resulting in a flurry of wardubs flying in all directions across the scene. This is Chip at his Fuck Radio finest, and there aren’t many MCs who can hold their own at his level.
Paul Gibbins
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