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A charismatic rapper/sound engineer who has caught the attention of legendary performers such as T-Pain and 50 Cent as easily as he has those of upcoming rappers who look up to him for inspiration from the UK and outside; Strategy KI is the top boy giving rappers a real run for their money out there with his fresh and inventive style of rap that honors the nostalgic grime scene of the UK street rap with some colorful twists and turns through the eclectic trap and dancehall highway for that extensive sound that will ensure you feel represented every time you listen to one of his records. He has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he is a force to be reckoned with and here to remain in the industry for many more years to come.

Stepping into the ring like Muhammad Ali, the show-stopper is about to make sure you never forget his name once he drops his latest 4-track EP, ‘Eye For An Eye, Tooth For A Tooth’ on all digital streaming platforms worldwide from the 12th of August 2022. This extended play was produced by Didjah and mixed/mastered by Immortal Mixed.It.

You really don’t want to miss this from what I have glimpsed; it is one of those hedonistic records that come through with an unstoppable wave of impact due to the sheer level of accomplished writing and delivery that was actually put in! 

Strategy KI gives you a VIP ticket and a front-row seat to experience his life’s evolution from the streets all the way to where he is and where he is aiming to be. This is real-life re-enacted into nostalgic rap melodies with near-universal appeal.

The track, ‘Beat Up J’s’ has a sizzling Jamaican-inspired lyrical intro that is ear-grabbing before the heavy trap beats line up to detail an emotionally pulling and deeply resonant soundtrack. When you listen just closely enough, you will find the inspiration those words behind the lyrics carry as he tells his story of rising from the depths of despair to the heights of ecstasy through hard work and persistent determination. The catchy hook is damn engaging and invites the listener to sing, “I was on the road with these beat-up J’s”.‘

Summer Time Smile’ has a beguiling piano intro with some hauntingly familiar percussion before the track explodes into a powerful sound with some atmospheric bass with Strategy KI assuming his mission as a lyrical ambassador and fulfilling his role with commendable success! He is not shy to remind his doubters that he is not an amateur and has been doing this for quite a long time now and there is no stopping his wave less you want to get carried away to oblivion.

Stepping’ is a show-stopping freestyle performance that echoes the adrenaline-rushing thrill of UK street rap as Strategy KI flaunts artistic freedom and unleashes some intricate bars in the only ways he can!

Private’ is delivered from a very personal point of view and you will adore the honestly those resonating words carry with the raw emotions being reflected in his voice and delivery. At the end of your listening experience, you will understand why he “ain’t picking up no private calls”.

The music video for ‘Private’ is already out, you can catch it on YouTube right now by Clicking Here or searching for it. Following him on the attached handle to get directions so as to add it to your playlist as you await the release of the others on the 12th of August – don’t stay too far away for the train has already left the station.

Watch the teaser video for ‘Eye For An Eye, Tooth For A Tooth’ by Clicking Here. Remember to subscribe and click the bell icon to stay up to date with all the latest music and more official content.

Didjah, also known as Screwface, is a music producer and composer from the Netherlands, he is of Surinamese descent. Raised in a small city in the south, he started his production journey at the end of a very successful high school run, after which he went to university to study Artificial Intelligence.

Though clever and highly intelligent, he decided university is not the right path for him. Being an adventurous type since young, Didjah always wanted to see more of the world, to inspire and be inspired. He took a massive leap of faith on himself by dropping out, so he could go all-in on his music career and start living his best life. Known for being versatile with his production skills, he has worked on trap and drill projects with artists from all over the world.

Didjah’s music takes influences from many different artist and musical genres, some artists we should mention are Future, Lucki and the great Jimi Hendrix. He is passionate about his music but also his fitness and health. When he is not in the studio creating new music, you can guarantee to find Didjah down the gym.

Strategy KI was born ‘Reuben Leighton Kennedy’ in Southend (Essex), 1992. He is of mixed British and Caribbean heritage. He was raised by his Mother and at the age of 5 he left UK with her to travel around Europe before heading to  West-Africa for a year, after which they settled in the South 0f Spain where he would spend the next 4 years before returning to UK.

During his time in West-Africa, around 6 years old, Reuben contracted a deadly tropical disease called ‘Schistosomiasis’ also known as “Bilharzia”. This disease is most frequently found throughout Africa, but also in parts of South America, the Caribbean, Asia and the Middle East. After doctors had diagnosed the illness, Reuben returned back to the UK to receive treatment. Reuben needed to under go surgical treatment to remove the Schistosomiasis which had found their way to his major organs.

In 2006, Reuben was removed from the schooling system at the early age of 13 years old during his second year at high-school. Around this time his mother enrolled him onto a local music course called DV8, where we would go on to study music production for the next 2 years. During this time the music-bug engulfed him and he was in love with the craft of sound, design and recording.

At the age of 16, he attended Northbrook metropolitan College in Worthing (West Sussex), where be studied Music Production for another two years. After graduating from College he then went on to study further in his field, now attending the University of Brighton, where again, he studied Music Production and Audio Sound Design for the next 3 years. He graduated from university in 2014 where he earned himself a Bachelors Degree in Music Production and Technology; 2.1

After graduating from university he took a little break before getting a job in a retail store selling sneakers. “Apart from music, I’ve only ever really had one job. That was working at JD Sports on the footwear department” – Strategy KI told us.

He continued by saying “I lasted just under a year working there. I knew it wasn’t for me, I had to get out and become my own boss. That’s when I started Immortal Musikk, and from there, ya dun know the rest”.

In 2015 he started to make a major impact online using such sites as Youtube and Soundcloud as his main outlets for his music and visual content. The consistency that he showed was like no other. He was slowly turning a once passion into a long-lasting career.

2016 was the year Strategy KI and his crew decided to create their own record-label under the name ‘Immortal Musikk Records’. That same year he made his debut on to all streaming platforms. The shift from Soundcloud to Spotify gave birth to the artist Strategy KI’s sound that we know today.

2017-19 he found himself down a dark path as he shied away from music and was indulging his demons back on the streets amongst all the crime, drugs and dramas that come with the territory.

During the 2019 pandemic, Strategy KI made a come-back in his music-career by evolving his ever-changing sound in to UK drill. This carried more of an authentic approach over melodically and catchy beat patterns rather than the auto-tune wave music his was previously dropping in 2018.

The fans were in-love with the way this artist had reinvented himself. Strategy KI was back and better than ever before, with a brand new sound but still remaining his signature cadence and lyrical skills.

In 2020, Strategy KI’s song ‘Get This’ was featured in a Netflix original movie entitled ‘The Beast (La Belva)’. This movie is an Italian Netflix original movie, directed by Ludovico Di Martino.

Early 2021, he dropped his single for ‘Ops Go’ on GRM Daily which now has over 35K views. He also made his debut appearance on Link Up TV with his single entitled ‘ESC’. GRM Daily is the biggest YouTube outlet for emerging artists. Link Up TV would take the runner up prize as ‘second place’ for its media outlet. Both channels are the UK’s biggest music platforms and are recognized worldwide.

In early 2022, we were blessed with a hot new single from ESC members Strategy KI and Simple Life. This single was entitled ‘That’s Just Tips’ which featured/collaborated Hip-Hop and R&B legend T-Pain.

Now with the new EP on its way, who knows what is to come next from this emerging artist. But one thing is certain, Strategy KI is a name to remember.

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