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It’s that time of the year again where you’ve attempted to pack your dad’s old tent and it just will not cooperate.
The weather hasn’t been consistent at all this week so you find yourself bringing wellies as well as your trusted Chuck Taylors to Glastonbury alongside attire for all climates. 
But hauling around all this extra luggage is worth it in entirety when you see your favourite acts smashing the stage and you return content to your mediocre excuse of accommodation.
Well, this year, the lineup at Glastonbury is one of the most diverse ones yet. With UK rap superstar Stormzy headlining the event, this year is dominated by other UK rap acts that will ensure this year’s festival is one of the most memorable yet.
Retaining it’s ethos of being a positive force for change both locally and internationally, giving UK rap a large platform reiterates this greatly. Stormzy headlining is a great moment for UK music and also raises the question of what other UK rap artists have the potential of one day headlining the infamous Glastonbury Festival.
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At the tender age of 20, his debut album ‘Psychodrama’ was the number one album in the country and his face was plastered on the Old Street billboard screen for almost a week.
If you don’t know who he is, you’ve definitely been living under a rock for quite some time. With the album now certified Gold and a recent nomination for Best International Act at this year’s BET Awards, the now 21-year-old has an amount of superb years ahead of him with a great quality of mindful music which is only expected to get better.
– – –

Known for his mosh pit infused shows, performing in his underwear and making a mockery of the Royal Family and the government, Northampton rapper slowthai is the anti-patriot we’ve all been craving.
With a mix of tracks treading on all genres including garage, grime and a side of grunge, his debut album served as his coronation as the self-proclaimed King of Northampton and one day, maybe the world.
– – –

Skyrocketing into the public eye due to her amazing Colors performance which was filled with energy and an astronomical lyrical flow – which is expected due to her name, Flohio is a heavy presence within the UK rap scene right now.
Already shutting down Boiler Room sets and other festivals, the spirit and vitality that is emitted from this South London MC is nothing short of a future headliner.
– – –
Stefflon Don

In 2016, the video for ‘Real Ting’ was released which featured Stefflon Don surrounded by stunning ladies, a plethora of Rolex watches and a cameo by DJ Khaled. That video revealed the Don as a worthy contender in the race between UK artists of who will crossover via charts and dominate the game worldwide.
After her single ‘Hurtin Me’ received major US radio play and she was announced as an XXL Freshman (the only UK rapper to ever do so), it was clear that Stefflon Don could possibly become a worldwide phenomenon leading the charts and headlining at huge festivals.
– – –
AJ Tracey

Man-of-the-moment AJ Tracey released his debut album earlier in the year, a bold, ambitious document that showcased UK underground culture. Whether he was spraying on UKG or grime or straight up UK rap, the West London kid came of age through showing his empowered creativity.
A bold live talent, he sold out Brixton Academy without even breaking a sweat – Worthy Farm had best prepare itself.
– – –

Fredo makes party tunes. Sure, there’s plenty of finesse to his approach – and no small degree of depth – but this rapper has bangers for days, with Fredo displaying a knack for producing summer-defining bangers.
Truly, there’s no better place than Glastonbury to experience this: a site packed with revellers, and the bass line for ‘Ay Caramba’ resonating over the fields… sounds just about perfect, to be honest.
– – –
Lady Leshurr

It’s not just a London thing, y’know. Lady Leshurr has been reppin’ the Midlands for a while now, and her style – one parts grime, two parts dancehall – is all her own, a rambunctious, raw, and hilariously lewd statement that amplifies energy levels wherever she goes.
Her Clash Live set was a storm last year, with Lady Leshurr simply turning up the system and unleashing merry hell on the Miranda crowd. Lord alone knows what she’ll bring to Glastonbury, but it’s bound to be worth catching.
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Glastonbury runs between June 26th – 30th.
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