Valentine's Day Essential Tracks –

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It’s that time of year again, a day of celebrating the love in our lives. What better way to communicate those heartfelt emotions than through a soppy Valentine’s playlist. After the horror of the past two years, it’s safe to say that lovers everywhere will be holding each other extra tight this Valentine’s Day. But whether you’re coupled up, flying solo or dealing with heartbreak, this list has something for you.
Unknown T – “Sweet Lies
Showcasing a much softer side, Unknown T speaks about a relationship with a girl who fell in love with his “Sweet Lies”. A romantic and emotive track with a guitar acoustic mixed with melodic bars and a sweetly sung hook. This song is made for a Valentine’s Day playlist.

Ghetts – “Good Hearts” Feat Aida Lae
Ghetts shows his affectionate side in this garage infused track “Good Hearts”. The track speaks of the rareness of finding someone with a good heart. Ghetts delivers some heartfelt lyrics about being in love over this upbeat instrumental. The track feature Aida Lae on the hook with some soulful vocals that set the tone for the entire track.
wewantwraiths – “Know You”
What better way to win over a brokenhearted girl than by explaining all the ways that you will be different from the last. “Know You” is a promise to not hurt someone in the same way they’ve been hurt before and a beautiful way to express your love on Valentine’s Day.

Young T and Bugsey ft Blxst – “Nice
The assignment: Valentines but make it a vibe. Young T & Bugsey teamed with Blxst for the perfect upbeat Valentine’s Day song. “Nice” is a track that will bring fun into any date night. A perfect way to express to the love in your life just how much you appreciate who they are.

Abra Cadabra – “Mixed Emotions
Sometimes all you need to know is that the one you love is completely loyal and will be there for you through all of your ups and downs. Abra Cadabra perfectly encapsulates that feeling into this song. Narrating the emotion of being unsure if his lady would still love him without his success. But being so in love that he is sticking around to find out.

B Young – “R&Drill
Sometimes all the love in your life needs a little reassurance to help let their guard down. B Young sets the mood for this kind of openness in “R&Drill”. In this track, B Young encourages his significant other to be honest with him tell them how they’re feeling so he can offer love and support. Turn this track on if you want your bae to know that you’re really there to listen.

Stefflon Don ft Midas the Jagaban – “Toxic Love”
Now we all know that one couple that is just toxic together but will definitely be spending Valentine’s Day together and this track is for that couple. Stefflon Don and Midas pair to deliver a bouncy and light-hearted sounding track about a toxic relationship. We all know the kind, even though it’s terribly bad for us we can’t help but go back. This one is for all the toxic lovers this Valentine’s Day.

Tion Wayne ft D Block Europe – “West End”
Valentine’s Day is about showing your significant other just how much you love them. If your love language is giving gifts, then “West End” by Tion Wayne featuring D Block Europe is the track for you. We all know these UK powerhouses like to live lavishly, and it sounds like any lucky Valentine of these guys would get the West End Treatment.

Central Cee – “Obsessed With You
Now If we’re talking thug loving it doesn’t get more road-mantic the Central Cee’s “Obsessed With You”. Nothing says I love you like getting a self-confessed trap boy to say he’s got obsessed with you. The track which features vocals from singer PinkPanthress was somewhat of an anthem last summer, even before it was released. Now it’s making its way back to our playlists, this time for Valentine’s Day. The perfect song to let your Valentine know that you are obsessed. 

Arz – “Alone With You”
We can all agree that getting alone time with your significant other on Valentine’s is really what it’s all about. Arz appreciates that sentiment in the intimate and personal “Alone with you”. “Alone with you” is almost like a personal love letter with each lyric explaining Arz’s heartfelt appreciation for the love in his life. A reminder to not take love for granted and to cherish the alone time you have.

Idi Akz- “Two Years Clear”
There’s no heartbreak like a teenage heartbreak. Idi Akz had the internet in their feelings last year when he dropped “Two Years Clear”. At just 15 years old he very eloquently articulates the feeling of getting your heart broken and vowing not to love again. He definitely doesn’t want to give his love away if it isn’t going to be returned. If you’re out of love this Valentine’s, this track will get you through.

Potter Payper – “I Just Need”
Sometimes Valentine’s Day is the time to reflect on the ideal love that you would like to see in your life. That is exactly what Potter Payper does in “I just need”. Potter speaks all about the kind of girl that he needs, listing all the qualities he would find in his perfect woman. Showcasing his softer side the rapper talks about finding someone who is kind, caring and patient.

Paigey Cakey – “Lovers and Friends”
This one is for the ride or dies couples who go through the ups and downs of life together as lovers and friends. Paige sings about the intense bond between her and that special someone as they navigate life together. This wavy joint is one for the after-dinner playlist.
Ray BLK ft Kaash Paige – “MIA”
Coming through with the feel-good vibes with MIA. The track samples Faith and Biggie’s “One More Chance”, which was also used in Ashanti’s “Foolish”. Putting a fresh twist on a modern-day classic Ray BLK and Kaash bring all the vibes. Perfect for those secret trips away with the one you love. 
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