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Che Wolton Grant, better known by his stage name AJ Tracey, is an English rapper from Ladbroke Grove, London.
His family come from a musical background as his dad was a former rapper and his mum used to be a jungle DJ.
It’s also well known that Big Zuu, the fellow grime MC, is AJ’s cousin.
Tracey has had an incredibly successful music career so far. However, early on things weren’t so easy.
For the first four years of his time in professional music, from 2011 to 2015, he had few victories from the various mixtapes and freestyles he comprised.
It wasn’t until 2015 when he dropped his first EP entitled ‘Alex Moran’ that he began to gain some attention, especially from the tracks ‘Spirit Bomb’ and ‘Nalia’.
Tracey’s big break came from his freestyle ‘Packages’ released on LinkUp TV as part of their mic check series. It currently has over 16 million Youtube views.
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Since then, the 28 year-old has continued to make impressive strides with his music and has released many summer anthems, including ‘Butterflies’ ,with fellow rapper Notes, ‘Ladbroke Grove’ and ‘Ain’t it Different’ with Headie One and Stormzy.
With a rap career filled with glittering success, what is AJ Tracey’s net worth in 2022?
AJ Tracey has an impressive net worth of somewhere between £2-3M, according to themoneyequation.
Tracey has made music with some big names throughout his career and his past collaborators include Craig David, JME, 67 and close friend Dave, with whom he made Thiago Silva, a song that has so far seen over 200,000 sales.
Throughout his time in the music industry, Tracey has been able to boast a lack of a relationship with any record deals, and the fact he has never been tied down.
Speaking to ‘Music Week’ magazine in 2020, the London born rapper said: “Everything comes from me. I’m fully independent, so no one can tell me [anything], no one gives me artistic direction. I just make what I want.”
AJ Tracey will perform at this year’s Glastonbury Festival.
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