Yella Beezy Challenges Artists Who Rap About Killing People To "Join The Service" – HotNewHipHop

The lyrical content of Rap songs has long been debated, all the way to the White House. Fans and foes of Rap have squared off about explicit lyrics and violent content shared in songs, but most artists, and industry professionals, have brushed off the criticism, citing that it is all nothing more than artistic expression.
However, in recent years, there seems to have been an increase in real-life tragedies among rappers as news reports increase about artists being killed. 
It isn’t difficult to come across brewing Rap beefs exploding on new singles as artists not only call out one another, but threaten others with violence. Yella Beezy issued a challenge to rappers that consistently speak about what they would do if they ran across their opps, but it isn’t expected that anyone will take him up on it.
“All That Killing Y’all doing over them beats…….GO JOIN THE SERVICE,” Beezy wrote on his Instagram Story. “Your calling is finally here …. YOU CAN FINALLY PROVE TO THE FANS U BOUT THEM LYRICS [shrug emoji][thinking emoji].” Beezy was, of course, referencing the conflict in Ukraine after Russian forces invaded its neighboring country in a wide-ranging military attack.
Recently, several radio DJs came forward to say that they would no longer play records where rappers named their enemies and called for violence. Check out Yella Beezy’s post below.
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